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This program is governed by the VIC & TAS Chapter.

RMHC was delighted to open their latest Family Room at Wodonga. This room will support the Special Care Nursery at the Wodonga Hospital and is also in close proximity to the maternity ward making it a perfect haven for new mums. RMHC is very proud of this beautiful facility and features:

Overnight Rooms
Our Family Room has two overnight rooms. We have families who live three or more hours from the Hospital, and this gives them the opportunity to stay close to their baby. We have temporary beds and cots and can cater for two adults and two children in each room. Each room has an ensuite, telephone, air conditioning unit, and refrigerator.

We have a fully equipped kitchen with a stove, microwave and dishwasher. All the equipment you need is here for our families so they can cook a meal to share - just like home. Some basic food is supplied, and frozen meals are available for families to have here, or to take home at the end of a long day.

Family & Dining Room
We have a lovely open plan kitchen, family and dining room with plenty of space, which is flooded with light. There are bar stools so you can chat as you work in the kitchen, a large 8 seater table, and comfy leather lounges to sink into to watch some TV or just relax. There is a computer and wifi access provided.

Living Room
We have a second large living room with a TV and a comfy leather lounge. We encourage families to shut the blinds and doors and catch up on a little rest in this room, or if they have extended family visiting they have a space that can be private.

Quiet Room
The Quiet room is a small sitting room, with a TV, sofa and a comfy recliner. The breast pump is available in this room for our Mums to express.

Family Bathroom
Our family bathroom has disability access, with a shower, toilet, vanity and baby change table. Fresh towels are provided for day and overnight guests.

We have a large top loader washing machine, and dryer for families to use. There is a washing line on the rear deck. Washing powder is provided.

We have an enclosed courtyard filled with children's toys, a table and chairs, and a huge chalkboard.

We have an enclosed deck with a table and chairs for when you are looking for somewhere quiet to relax.

Our Family Room is staffed by our Program Coordinator 8.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday, and by our loyal volunteers who are on hand to make you feel welcome.

Karen Trenchard
Program Coordinator
Ronald McDonald Family Room
Albury Wodonga Health, Wodonga Hospital
PO Box 326 Albury NSW 2460

(02) 6024 5206

RMHC Family Room Wodonga Hospital outdoor space
RMHC Family Room Wodonga Hospital lounge room